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Men face a myriad of issues, most of which they shy to talk about. However, rising awareness and increased focus on personal health is helping men to lead a healthy and productive life while addressing the issues. The race to improve the quality of care has given rise to one of the fastest-growing men’s health markets, growing at a compound annual growth there of 15%. Mangoceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:MGRX) is one company playing its role in addressing a long-running issues facing millions of men worldwide. MGRX has been running an aggressive marketing campaign across the U.S. under the Make America Hard Again banner as it aims to target a broader market to unlock new revenue streams.

Mangoceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:MGRX) is a company focused on developing, marketing and selling a variety of men’s health and wellness products via a secure telemedicine platform, including its uniquely formulated erectile drug branded “Mango,”. The company announced air dates for the first episode of a multi-part TV series on FMW Media’s “New To The Street” business TV show featuring an in-depth interview with Mangoceuticals, Inc.’s CEO, Jacob Cohen. The interview was filmed at the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio and will air on Fox Business Network, Bloomberg TV (as a sponsored program), and Newsmax TV (through its syndicated and sponsored networks) as follows: July 22 at 3:30 p.m. ET on Newsmax TV, July 24 at 10:30 p.m. PT on Fox Business, August 5 at 6 p.m. ET on Bloomberg TV

Mango: Making America Hard Again

Mangoceuticals is one company that has come to the rescue by developing marketing and selling multiple men’s health and wellness products. Mango is the company’s proprietary and special formulation that gives men a new lease of life by ensuring they perform well in bed without any worries or problems. Mango is designed to help men achieve optimum performance. It stands out as one of the most effective solutions by combining Tadalafil, oxytocin, and L Arginine to treat any form of sexual dysfunction.

Mangoceuticals has sought to enhance men’s sexual performance and tap into the massive market opportunity by launching a second product under the Mango brand. The new product leverages the company’s existing products alongside Sildenafil, an active ingredient found in Viagra. Like Tadalafil currently available, the Sildenafil MangoRX product is compounded with Oxytocin and L Arginine in a Mango flavored rapid dissolve tablet.

“Our intent with the launch of this new product is to establish Mango as a legitimate competitor armed with the biotechnology behind Tadalafil and Sildenafil, both of which are the two runaway winners in the ED space over the past two decades,” noted Jacob Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder of MangoRx.

The new product, which is poised to be available on the company’s telemedicine platform this summer, should potentially strengthen the company’s push for market share in the multi-billion men’s health don wellness segment.

Targeting Broader Market

Amid the stiff competition for market share in the men health market, Mangoceuticals has what it takes to grab significant market share with the two products. The two have unique capabilities, therefore, can tap into niche segments in the multi-billion segment. For instance, Tadalafil is highly effective for men looking to last longer, given its compound composition. On the other hand, Sildenafil stands out on its ability to reach efficacy faster than Tadalafil.

The Mango product line’s popularity continues to grow by the day, thanks to aggressive marketing. Mangoceuticals has already inked sponsorship deals with Barstool Sports and GaS Digital Networks in the race to target a broader target market.

Gas Digital Network has already committed to generating over 1 million unique impressions for the Mango product line over the next two months. From the impressions, Mangoceuticals should be able to get more loyal customers, therefore, secure its recurring revenue base.

The Barstool sponsorship is of great importance given that it is a nationally recognized brand with a rock-solid track record in appealing to a male audience. By sponsoring the Only Stans podcast, Mangoceuticals stands to gain access and appeal to a sexually active target audience.

In addition to the sponsorship deals, Mangoceuticals is also running A Make America Hard Again Campaign. The campaign seeks to create awareness around the MangoRx platform, whereby, all the products are available.

While looking to make it easier for men to access the product and go hard in every aspect of their lives, the campaign is expected to unlock a new revenue stream. The multi-pronged campaign is to target revenue generation opportunities through merchandise sales and the collection of consumer data that should enhance future marketing efforts.

Amid the growing buzz, Mangoceuticals is already looking into the feature with plans to launch additional products to strengthen its competitive edge in the market.

Bottom Line

Mangoceuticals is firing on all angles as it continues to strengthen its growth metrics and long-term prospects, backed by a proven and highly effective Mango product line. It’s already tapping into a multi-billion opportunity in the men’s health and wellness segment. Aggressive marketing comings through sponsorship deals opens the door to targeting a broader target market and unlocking new revenue opportunities.

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