Mangoceuticals Launches “Make America Hard Again” Site

Dallas, Texas, June 27, 2023 -- Mangoceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:MGRX) (“MangoRx” or the “Company”), a company focused on developing, marketing and selling a variety of men’s health and wellness products via a secure telemedicine platform, including its uniquely formulated erectile dysfunction (ED) drug branded “Mango,” is pleased to announce the launch of its new “Make America Hard Again” nationwide marketing campaign and website,

The newly launched Make America Hard Again web presence will be optimized for lead traffic generation and will be dedicated to driving revenue through the sale of Make America Hard Again and MangoRx related merchandise, with the optimum goal of creating awareness around the MangoRx brand and driving web traffic toward

The Company will be expanding its current sponsorships on podcasts and platforms like Barstool Sports and the GaS Digital Network to include the Make America Hard Again campaign. MangoRx management will also seek out additional partnerships, sponsorships, and commercials through similarly well-known nationwide platforms. The Company plans to add new products to both its new website and its flagship website to drive revenues for both its core products and merchandise.

“Our newly launched Make America Hard Again campaign is more than just a new marketing concept—it’s a mantra and a movement as our mission is to help men go hard in every aspect of their lives,” stated MangoRx’s Co-Founder and CEO, Jacob Cohen. “When we established the Mango brand, we envisioned much more than just erectile dysfunction products. We envisioned building a brand that transcends into other products in the men’s health marketplace while empowering men toward new heights—helping them go as hard as they can go, being the best version of themselves that they can be.”

Management notes that the purpose of the marketing campaign is multi-pronged, targeting revenue generation through merchandise sales and the collection of consumer data to underpin future marketing efforts targeting consumers through men’s health & wellness products.

Cohen continued, “We want to help men go hard in every aspect of their lives, whether in the boardroom, the bedroom, or the gym. We want to develop and provide products that empower men to be at their best at all times. This is what we are trying to accomplish at Mango, and it’s the overarching concept behind the Make America Hard Again campaign.”

Mr. Cohen begins his “Make America Hard Again” Mango roadshow in the next few weeks, being interviewed at the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio and meeting with many new prospective partners.

About Mango

Created using a special formulation featuring the same active ingredient as in Cialis™ (Tadalafil), each part of the Mango formulation plays a critical role in helping men achieve optimum performance. We believe the key to our success lies in our unique blend of ingredients, which are used in U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) approved drugs. Mango contains a combination of Tadalafil, Oxytocin, and L-Arginine that have been traditionally used to treat sexual dysfunction.

Mango is a prescription medication that must be approved by a physician. After an individual has completed an online tele-health visit, our network of medical providers will review and approve a prescription if medically appropriate. Mango is a rapidly dissolved tablet (RDT) that is absorbed orally. For best results, we advise taking Mango at least 15 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. Tadalafil, one of the main ingredients in Mango, typically has effects that last up to 36 hours.

About Mangoceuticals

Mangoceuticals, Inc. is a company focused on developing, marketing, and selling a variety of men's health and wellness products and services via a secure telemedicine platform. To date, the Company has identified men's wellness telemedicine services and products as a growing sector and especially related to the area of erectile dysfunction (ED). The Company has developed a new brand of ED product under the brand name "Mango" (think "Man Go").

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