Mangoceuticals Collaborates with Ice Shaker

DALLAS, TX / June 29, 2023 / Mangoceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ:MGRX) ("MangoRx" or the "Company"), a company focused on developing, marketing and selling a variety of men's health and wellness products via a secure telemedicine platform, including its uniquely formulated erectile dysfunction (ED) drug branded "Mango," is excited to announce its new collaboration with Ice Shaker to supply custom-made Mango-branded Ice Shaker bottles to be sold exclusively on the company's new e-commerce portal.

Ice Shaker was founded by former NFL player, Chris Gronkowski in 2016 with a vision and mission to become a premium alternative to traditional, plastic shaker bottles. Each Ice Shaker bottle keeps drinks cold for 30+ hours through its revolutionary, insulated stainless steel design, and thrives to promote ultimate hydration and confidence within the fitness community. The brand is backed by large investors like Mark Cuban, a billionaire investor on ABC's Shark Tank, and brother and NFL Tight End superstar, Rob Gronkowski.

"We are very excited to work with Jacob Cohen and MangoRx, who we see as a fresh face and a rapidly up-and-coming brand in the men's health space," commented Chris Gronkowski, Founder and CEO of Ice Shaker. "When I started Ice Shaker, my goal was to create an innovative brand and a disruptive product within the fitness industry. I see the same vision and goal with MangoRx and believe there to be a ton of synergy in terms of approach, end-market, and focus on disruption. We appreciate MangoRx's vision and its emphasis on the creation of disruptive new products and we look forward to a productive collaboration."

MangoRx will be selling both Mango branded Ice Shaker bottles as well as a limited-edition, red white and blue Make America Hard Again Ice Shaker edition exclusively on its newly launched website

MangoRx Co-Founder and CEO, Jacob Cohen, stated, "We are very fortunate to have partnered with Chris Gronkowski and the entire Ice Shaker team to provide our new Mango-branded Ice Shaker bottles. We believe this partnership to be very synergistic as our brands are very well aligned in terms of target market and demographics. Ice Shaker and Mango both market to an active, outgoing, and forward-thinking customer base, and we believe our respective brands and visions can help to drive each other's success through collaboration."

MangoRx will continue to seek out new partnerships and additional products to be sold through its newly launched website

About Ice Shaker

Founded in 2016 by former NFL player, Chris Gronkowski, Ice Shaker became a premium alternative to traditional, plastic shaker bottles. The brand is backed by large investors like Mark Cuban, a billionaire investor on ABC's Shark Tank, and brother and NFL Tight End superstar, Rob Gronkowski. Ice Shaker has captured the market for those striving to live a healthier lifestyle who need drinkware to keep up with them. Ice Shaker is focused on delivering a sustainable, premium product while offering best-in-class drinkware.

About Mango

Created using a special formulation featuring the same active ingredient as in Cialis™ (Tadalafil), each part of the Mango formulation plays a critical role in helping men achieve optimum performance. We believe the key to our success lies in our unique blend of ingredients, which are used in U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") approved drugs. Mango contains a combination of Tadalafil, Oxytocin, and L-Arginine that have been traditionally used to treat sexual dysfunction.

Mango is a prescription medication that must be approved by a physician. After an individual has completed an online tele-health visit, our network of medical providers will review and approve a prescription if medically appropriate. Mango is a rapidly dissolved tablet (RDT) that is absorbed orally. For best results, we advise taking Mango at least 15 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. Tadalafil, one of the main ingredients in Mango, typically has effects that last up to 36 hours.

About Mangoceuticals

Mangoceuticals, Inc. is a company focused on developing, marketing, and selling a variety of men's health and wellness products and services via a secure telemedicine platform. To date, the Company has identified men's wellness telemedicine services and products as a growing sector and especially related to the area of erectile dysfunction (ED). The Company has developed a new brand of ED product under the brand name "Mango" (think "Man Go").

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